From the very moment I made contact with Eirryn it was love and patience from the get go. I can be a little all over the place in my mind and I am incredibly time poor with three small babies and Eirryn was like a warm hug. I find her kind and patient and understanding of my vision and my brand. Eirryn designed my logo which I absolutely love and created my website which is forever evolving and growing as I learn and expand in my talents and my brand. I know that if we lived closer together we would be great friends. I feel her heart and her passion and I love her business goals as she juggles two small bubs. 

We keep creating such a special vision and we are so patient of each other and the busy lives we both live, we have a mutual female understanding. Sometimes I feel like she knows what I am thinking and I trust her to go with her gut and create on my behalf. I just leave it to her.  I now see her as my Brand Manager and fellow content creator for life and feel we will have a forever evolving working relationship that feels nurtured, safe, patient and special. I cant thank her enough. 

Corrine Tan ~ The Loved Heart