In late 2013 I had somewhat of a
life changing experience.

Let’s be real , it was a 2 week trip to London and Paris, which probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to most. The life changing part for me was that I travelled alone. I had been with my hubby for 7 years at that stage so had kind of forgotten what that felt like. Relying only on myself for the first time in years and not having someone there to turn to gave me some much needed clarity. I came back feeling completely high on life, totally inspired and ready to throw myself into my (at that time) very small Freelance Business and make it work! 

Maybe it was the lattes in Paris, maybe it was being a little fish in a BIG city - all I know is that I will always be grateful for that experience because it’s where The Wanderlust Collective was born. Also, being able to say that my little Biz was born in Paris sounds kinda chic and makes me feel just a little bit fancy. It also may help explain how I came up with the name ‘The Wanderlust Collective’!

Wanderlust means more than the desire to travel and see the world, for us, it also symbolises the love of experiencing new things, meeting new people and creating something beautiful together.

Three years on and I am proud to say that this Biz of mine is well and truly kicking butt! Sure, there have been highs and lows and a bucket load of tears along the way but it is absolutely the best thing I ever did.

I’ll keep this first post short and sweet. Now you know how I got here and where it all began. 

Au revoir, The Wanderlust Collective x