It’s one of the best parts of being a mum. Dreaming about the future we are building for her. I am so in awe of the pure joy she finds in the magic of life. Teaching her about life and watching her learn so many new things every day. Seeing the wonder on her face when she discovers something new, it can be something so simple to you and me but is so extraordinary in her eyes.

I want her to develop a wild imagination. Play dress-ups, have imaginary friends, talk to animals, dance and twirl and grace us with performances. I want her to be creative. To be busy. To colour and paint and sing and laugh and dance. I want her to see beauty in everything around her. The flowers, the birds, the trees, the ocean. Our embrace and our countless butterfly kisses. I want her to see the love we have for her. That her family has for her. I never want her to wonder if she is loved. I don’t want her to ever go a day without being told she is loved.

In this crazy, messed up world I want her to feel safe and peaceful and happy. I want her to dream big and I don’t ever want her to feel like those dreams won’t come true.

I want her to have the best life. I can help her grow, expand her mind, nurture her and love her, but ultimately, one day she will need to build that life for herself and I want to make sure that I send her out into the world knowing that it’s okay to dream.

Dream BIG Little One ...

Love, The Wanderlust Collective x