A few months ago I stumbled over an article that changed everything. I have never been a saver, I have never saved anything. I like to spend money, money, spend money, money, monnnney BUT I always wanted to be good with money and build a nest egg for our little family. 

Don’t get me wrong, I pay our bills, I budget and I make it work BUT I do like to drop the odd bit of dosh here and there – the left over bits that I should probably be saving ... you know, those bits.

Anyway, to the point – this is SO SIMPLE I almost can’t believe it. It’s called ‘The Rule of Fives’ and you guys it is so darn easy ... NEVER SPEND A $5 NOTE AGAIN ... yes, you read that right! Marie Campagna Franklin is the bloody legend and total lifesaver behind the Rule of Fives.

Over the last few months I have saved somewhere in the range of a thousand dollars! NO JOKE. I had no idea I spent so many $5 notes before! I pop all of my notes in a little money tin (you know those ones you can’t open without a can opener, because let’s be honest – I know myself … I need those kinds of restraints) and I happily think about how much money I am saving and how easy it is to do. I’m proud as punch that I’ve built us a little nest egg to fall back on – saving money feels good!

Here are Marie's top tips:

  1. Go old school. Use money instead of plastic.
  2. Use cash for everything. Your morning coffee, lunch, petrol etc etc.
  3. Stick to the rules! Seriously, sticking to it is what makes it so successful. Get used to the idea that $5 notes DON’T EXIST anymore.
  4. Stick with it for life.
  5. Be firm. As Marie would say … "....Firm. No negotiation. Nada. No."

I can’t tell you how rewarding this has been – Marie is literally a financial lifesaver and if this post helps even one of you succeed like we have then I will be totally chuffed!

Yours in fives (yep totally ripped that line from old mate Maz),

The Wanderlust Collective x