The past few years have been harder than most. There have been a lot of changes, some good (our little ray of sunshine Augie of course) and some bad. I really felt like my time was being chewed up by so many things that I really got no enjoyment out of and it was exhausting (still is). That’s how this journey really began. I wanted to cut back on our/my commitments and the stuff we had accumulated over the years and give myself the time to find joy in our life again. Decluttering has been a therapeutic process, it has made us re-evaluate life and things that are most important to us.

As I’ve said before, I am by no means living a simple life YET … but this is the journey in all of its mundane glory! 

Buh-bye Magazines

People that know me will probably find this totally shocking. I know, I can’t really believe I’m saying it either you guys … I used to obsessively read magazines and you could rely on me to know the latest goss/style/trend/newest beauty prodz and the list goes on … but I started to slowly realise that they didn’t contribute anything positive to my life – I didn’t feel the same joy when I leafed through a fresh glossy, sometimes they even sat there unread for days before I even bothered to pick them up and hurriedly flip through. On top of that they cost me a ton of money, would pile up and clutter my desk and honestly, made me feel shit about myself, my lack of ‘things’ and even my home. So I said so long suckers and haven’t looked back!

Get Outside, Go On Git!

Spending time outside makes me happy. Sometimes I forget that it’s that simple. I have tried to start a list of things we can do outside as a family. I love our family outings and love incorporating some kind of outdoor experience wherever I can. I’d love some suggestions if you have done anything fun around Brisbane lately! I’m currently on the hunt for a little country town that we can visit for the day - any suggestions?

Pumped the Brakes in the Beauty Department

I.LOVE. MAKEUP! I do, I love it! At one stage I was an aspiring makeup artist, that’s how much I loved it, but over time I’ve got my daily face down pat and I know that I won’t often stray from that. I use good quality products but I don’t use many of them. I recently purged my bathroom cupboard and makeup stash and got rid of an entire bag of cosmetics and beauty products! A WHOLE BAG GUYS! That’s just crazy, considering I use about 6-8 products TOTAL.

Throw that shit out!

Now that I’m well and truly on this path to simplifying I find that I don’t want to buy more. I want to get rid of more if anything! I look around and think about which area I can tackle next and how much stuff I can get rid of/donate! I still want to have nice things and would never take simplicity to the point of having nothing (I love a good home accessory and can’t always pass them up) let’s not get too crazy! I do find that the things I have already gotten rid of, I don’t miss and honestly probably couldn’t even list them if I tried so for me living with less has only been a positive experience. In time and with a lot more purging I am sure that simplicity will teach me to enjoy the things we  do have much, much more.


For me, this is the biggest challenge. I honestly think that letting go of the idea of ‘perfection’ is where I hit a road block. I have struggled post-baby to get my body and exercise routine back and that has really affected me day in and day out. I feel like if I can accept who I am and how I look and just enjoy my life in the moment then this road to simplicity is going to be far easier! At the end of the day, I am healthy, I am happy (mostly) and I am loved – what else really matters?

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Yours in clutter freeness,

The Wanderlust Collective x